Squad Allocations

The Tateswim coaching team regularly assesses the progress of each swimmer to ensure they are in the most appropriate squad level. When the coaching team considers a swimmer as being ready to change squads, an email will be sent directly to parents outlining the details of the change.

Outlined below are answers to frequently asked questions in regards to squad allocations.


Frequently asked questionS

Where can I find information about each squad?

How often are swimmer's assessed?

Each swimmer's suitability for their level is constantly monitored by their teacher/coach and the program coordinator. When it is clear that a swimmer is ready to progress, the parent will be notified by email and the swimmer can start in the new level shortly thereafter.

Unlike standard learn to swim programs, we do not have formal assessments each term.

How often do swimmers change squad levels?

This depends on many factors such as age, strength, fitness, attendance, goals, attitude, performance, etc.  Some swimmers may change once every 6-12 months, others (particularly those in higher levels) may remain in the same squad for a number of years. 

How do I arrange to change the days which my child attends training?

It is possible to change between days and times in the Junior Program, so if you would like your child to change nights, please email info@tateswim.com.au. Please note that the ability to change groups is subject to vacancies.

What do I do if my child wants to get involved in competitive swimming?

Swimmers in any Tateswim level may start to get involved in competitive swimming if they wish. Swimmers will need to join our club, the M1 swimming Club.  For more information, click here