Dolphins Squad

The next generation of Tateswim's youngest and fastest competitive swimmers train with Dolphin Squad.

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Chloe, Bev and Richard

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To participate in this squad swimmers are required to:

  • Regularly attend an average of two or more classes per week (3 classes per week is recommended)

  • Join M1 Swimming Club and participate at nominated swim meets

  • Be approximately 8-10 years of age

  • Demonstrate a strong swimming ability and willingness to apply effort

Competitive Swimming

Swimmers are required join M1 Swimming Club and take part in swimming competitions. For more details, click here.

Training times

Swimmers may attend any of the following sessions each week:

Mon 6.30-7.30pm - Bev
Tue 4.30-5.30pm - Bev
Wed 7.00-8.00pm - Chloe
Thu 7.00-8.00pm - Chloe
Fri 4.30-6.00pm (dryland + swim) - Richard

Note: Between 30 September and 3 November some class times will vary due to maintenance works at the MARC, please click here to check the schedule.

Please refer to our latest training calendar for a detailed schedule for the current quarter.

Training dates

Training takes place 48 weeks per year - refer to our training breaks page to check when swimmers will have a break from training.

Performance Goals

Swimmers are training to compete at Club and Metro level competitions.

Swim meets

Please refer to the Competition Calendar for a listing of events suitable for swimmers in the Dolphins Squad.

Outlined below are the priority meets for this squad:

  • M1 Galas (Terms 1, 2 and 4)

  • Metro All Junior Competition (Term 1)


Swimmers typically progress into Dolphins from Junior 1.

From Dolphin Squad, swimmers can progress to one of the following squads: