Outlined below are our tuition fees and competitive swimmer fees. 

Monthly Tuition Fee

Tateswim classes operate 48 weeks per year. Tuition fees are debited on the first business day of each month. Click here for direct debit dates and further details.

Little Tates (2 classes per week) - $200
Junior 3 (2 classes per week) - $220
Junior 2 (2 classes per week) - $220
Junior 1 - $230
Dolphins - $230
Development - $240
Open - $240
- $250
- $270
- $280
Masters (1 class per week) - $60
Personal tuition (1 class per week) - $240 

Masters 10 Class Pass
Masters swimmers have the option to purchase a Masters 10 Class Pass for $150.

Competitive Swimmer Fee

This half-yearly fee only applies to competitive swimmers (current season members of M1 Swimming Club). The fee supports the cost of providing Tateswim coaches at nominated swim meets. The fee is charged in mid September and mid March - click here for dates. 

J1, Dolphin, Development & Open    
$110 per half year

Sprinters, State & National                    
$135 per half year

Fees are inclusive of GST where GST applies

General Information

Pool entry

Tateswim members have access to training facilities during class times. Swimmers are provided with an entry pass which must be scanned upon entry.

Joining fee

A $40 joining fee is charged upon enrolment.

Family discount

A discount of $20 per month per swimmer applies to families with three or more swimmers enrolled and paying monthly fees.

Reduced training

To provide flexibility during busy periods, swimmers in selected squads can temporarily reduce their attendance to one class per week. The monthly fee for one class per week is $130 ($120 for Little Tates). Please complete a reduced training form to arrange this. 

Year 12 discount

Swimmers in our State or National Squads intending to reduce their swimming commitment whilst completing Year 12, may apply for a discount on monthly squad fees of $40 per month. The discount can be applied from February to November. During this period, swimmers may attend 3 sessions per week (or 12 sessions over 4 weeks). 

Missed Class Policy

Tateswim has a generous Missed Class Policy which allows make up classes and fees to be placed on hold for family holidays and other planned absences.

Member benefits

Check out some of the member benefits you can enjoy being a Tateswim member.

Direct debit

Tateswim's fees are paid by direct debit using the Ezidebit payment system. Please note:

  • Direct debits from a credit card incur a transaction fee (2.5% for Visa/Mastercard or 4.4% for Amex)

  • If a payment is dishonoured, Ezidebit will charge a dishonour fee ($21.90)

  • To update/change your bank details, please contact us and request a 'change of account details' form

As an alternative to direct debit, clients can request to be invoiced quarterly.

Cancellation of enrolment

If you wish to discontinue from the program, please email info@tateswim.com.au. Please note that at least 30 days notice is required.

Terms and Conditions

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