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Please take the time to read through the following information which includes links to helpful pages on our website.


MARC Entry Pass

Your Entry Pass Application form is attached to your enrolment confirmation email. Please print out the form and take it to the MARC reception. An entry pass will be created on the spot. 

Note: Entry passes only permit entry to the pool when Tateswim classes are held. Only swimmers need entry passes (not parents).


Please refer to our equipment page to check what equipment you are required to bring to classes.

Guidelines for Parents

It is important that parents are aware of the supervision requirements of the MARC along with other guidelines. Click here for details.

Training schedules

A detailed class schedule can be found at our latest training calendar page. To check when we have our breaks, click here.

Missed class policy

Please refer to our missed class policy to understand the options available when classes are missed.

Squad allocations

When swimmers are ready to change levels, Tateswim will notify you by email. For further information about squad allocations, click here.

Directors and coaches

To find out more about the Tateswim Team, click here.

Squad fees

Please refer to our squad fees page for the schedule of fees and payment information. Please note that each monthly payment covers a period of four weeks.

New updates

Members will receive monthly news updates on a regular basis (usually around once per month).