Missed Class Policy

Please see below for information on our missed class policy. For information on public holiday replacement classes, click here.


Make up classes

Little Tates, J3, J2, Personal Tuition

Swimmers enrolled in Little Tates, J3, J2 and Personal Tuition classes can request a make up class if notice is given as outlined below.

What to do:

Send an email advising the date/s of the absence. Notice must be received no later than midday (12pm) on the day of the class in order to request a make up class.

Please note:

Make up classes must be taken within 2 weeks of the class missed and are subject to availability. If the available make up classes are unsuitable, then a make up class cannot be booked.

Once scheduled, a make up class cannot be rescheduled. If a make up class is not attended or not available, no credit or refund will apply.

It is important that Tateswim is advised of the absence as outlined above so the available place can be offered to other swimmers wishing to attend a make up class.

Planned Absences


In instances when a swimmer is going to be absent for a period of at least two weeks due to overseas travel, family holidays, etc, an application can be made for fees to be adjusted/placed on hold. 

What to do:

Complete and submit a Fee Adjustment Form no later than 7 days prior to the period of absence.

Note: Up to two applications may be submitted per year for planned absences (resets on September 1st each year). Fee adjustments do not apply to swimmers who have requested to temporarily reduce attendance to 1 class per week.

Medical Absences

Minimum 2 weeks

If a swimmer will be unable to attend classes for a period of two or more weeks due to a significant injury or illness, an application can be made to have the fees adjusted. 

What to do:

Complete and submit a Fee Adjustment Form together with a medical certificate which shows the date the swimmer attended the medical practitioner, the details of the medical clinic and the doctor's name and provider number.

Note: This form should be submitted as soon as possible as credit will only apply to a future period of absence. Fee adjustments do not apply to swimmers attending 1 class per week.

Please note:

  • An administration fee of $10 per swimmer will apply to process each fee adjustment

  • In the event of cancellation of enrolment during a planned or medical absence, the 30 day notice period will commence at the end of the period of absence

  • Swimmer attendance is tracked by teachers and the pool entry system

  • Communication of absence needs to be by email so we have a record that notice has been given (communication by text message, voicemail or phone will not be sufficient)