Junior Program

Suitable for primary school aged children, Tateswim's Junior Program caters for young swimmers who enjoy their swimming and want to become strong swimmers. 

Classes operate at the Monash Aquatic and Recreation Centre.

To arrange an assessment, BOOK ONLINE or call 0415 125 823. 



Little Tates

Age - 9 & under

Description - The Little Tates group is all about making swimming a great experience and learning new skills


Junior 3

Age - 10 & under

Description - Junior 3 teaches kids to swim confidently over longer distances whilst continuing to build on skills and technique


Junior 2

Age - 11 & under

Description - At Junior 2 level, swimmers really start to train. Stroke technique is further developed and swimmers become stronger


Junior 1

Age - 11 & under

Description - Junior 1 is an exciting level in a swimmer's journey as this is where swimmers make a significant transformation