Guidelines For Parents

Parents of Tateswim students are expected to adhere to the the following guidelines and supervision requirements. These guidelines are designed to promote and ensure a positive and safe experience for everyone and to keep swimmers interested in swimming.  

Supervision and spectating at training

Parents must adhere to the MARC's Watch around Water policy when at the centre.

Parents often ask if they need to stay at the pool during class time - this depends on your child's age, as outlined below:

  • Parents of swimmers aged under 10 years are required to stay at the pool with their child.

  • Parents of swimmers aged 10-13 years do not need to remain at the pool during their child’s class. We encourage parents to watch their child from time to time.

  • Parents of swimmers aged 14 years+ do not need to remain at the pool during classes. We recommend that parents only watch their child's class occasionally.

Parent etiquette

When at the pool, please be seated in one of the areas where seating is provided. Please do not sit or stand on the pool concourse as this must be kept clear for coaches, swimmers and lifeguards.

If watching classes by the outside pool, please be seated on the north side of the pool (near the indoor pool).

For dryland classes, parents are not permitted to be in the room.

Parents should avoid attempting to communicate (verbally or non-verbally) with their children or any other child whilst a class is in progress. This causes distractions and is unhelpful for the coaches and students.

Responsibility of parents at swim meets

Coaches are not responsible for supervising swimmers at swim meets, so parents need to make the judgement as to whether they are comfortable leaving their children unsupervised. Parents also need to adhere to the rules that apply at the aquatic centre where the swim meet is held.

Communication with coaches

If you have any questions about your child's swimming, please contact us (preferably by email).

Parents may, if necessary, briefly communicate with coaches if they are available to talk. It is important that parents understand that coaches and students must not be spoken to or interrupted whilst a class is being conducted.

Communication with administration

If you have any enquiries regarding your enrolment, fees or other administrative matters, please contact us

General conduct

It is important that parents behave respectfully and maturely towards Tateswim members and staff.

Aggressive or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.