Competitive Swimming

The following information outlines how swimmers in Tateswim can get involved in competitive swimming by joining our club: M1 Swimming Club.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about competitive swimming.

M1 Swimming Club

M1 Swimming Club consists of competitive swimmers from Tateswim (based at the Monash Aquatic and Recreation Centre) and from Academy of Swimming (based at Harold Holt Swim Centre and Glen Eira Sports & Aquatic Centre). 

What are the benefits of joining M1?

Club membership enables swimmers to participate in organised competitions at club, district, state and national level. Participation has the following benefits:

  • being part of a team
  • learning how to be a good sport 
  • challenging swimmers to improve
  • working towards achieving goals
  • developing friendships
  • going on adventures - travel to new places and meet new people
  • attend awards nights and other social activities

Who can join? 

Swimmers in our Junior Program (J1/J2/J3 Squads) who are keen on competing will need to contact Tateswim to check if they are ready to participate in competitions.

Swimmers in our Youth & Masters Programs (Development, Open and Masters Squads) are welcome to join M1.

All swimmers in our Performance Program (Dolphins, Sprinters, State and National Squads) are expected to join M1 and participate in competitions.

What are the costs involved?

The following is a guide to the costs involved with joining M1:

  • Annual M1 Membership fee (click here for details)
  • M1 club uniform (approx. $105 for shirt, shorts and swim cap)
  • Entry fees to participate in a swim meet (approx. $30-40 per meet) 

Note: Tateswim charges club members a Competitive swimmer fee once every 6 months to cover the cost of Tateswim coaches attending swim meets. Refer to our Squad fees page for more information.

What is the time commitment?

Most swim meets run for about 3-4 hours and are typically held on a Saturday or Sunday (morning or afternoon). Swimmers are usually asked to attend a swim meet 2-3 times per term.

The dates for the swim meets for each squad can be viewed below:


How do I get started?

Please refer to the getting started section of the M1 website - this will guide you through a few steps to get you on your way.