Sprinters Squad

Tateswim's Sprinters Squad is for committed young swimmers training to compete at state level.

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Mark Tate, Bev Tate and Konrad Maggenti

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Email: mark@tateswim.com.au



To participate in this squad swimmers are required to:

  • Attend an average of 3-4+ sessions per week (there are 6 available)
  • Have the desire to become a swimmer and train as an athlete
  • Join M1 Swimming Club and participate at nominated swim meets
  • Be approximately 10-13 years old
  • Demonstrate good technique and an ability to cope with the required training volume and intensity

Time Standards

Swimmers are required to have achieved the following standards according to Swimming Australia's Junior Excellence Program:

  • 13yrs & under: Bronze or above

Annual attendance

Attendance is recommended all year round for best performance outcomes. Tateswim has a one week non-training period each school holiday.

Training times

Swimmers may attend any of the following sessions each week:

Mon 6.30-7.20pm (dryland) / 7.30-8.30pm (swim)
Tue 4.30-5.45pm
Wed 6.30-7.45pm
Thu 6.00-7.00am
Thu 4.30-5.45pm
Fri 4.30-5.15pm (dryland @ MARC studio) / 5.20-6.00pm (swim)

Please refer to our latest training calendar for a detailed schedule for the current quarter. During the summer school holidays, classes are held as per the summer holiday schedule

Training dates

Training takes place 48 weeks per year with a one week training break in each school holiday.

Performance Goals

Swimmers should aim to:

Swim meets

Coaches will nominate approximately 12 swim meets over the course of the season which swimmers will be encouraged to enter.  These meets will be listed under 'M1 Black' on the M1 Swimming Club website.  

The following meets are considered priority meets for Sprinters:

Short Course Season

  • M1 Short Course Gala
  • Metro Short Course Competition
  • Victorian Age Short Course Championships

Long Course Season

  • M1 Summer Gala 
  • Victorian Age Championships
  • Victorian Sprint Meet 
  • M1 Club Championship Gala
  • All Junior Competition


Swimmers typically progress into Sprinters from Dolphins or Development.

From Sprinters, swimmers may progress to one of the following squads: