Ten ways to get the most out of your training session

Tateswim Head Coach, Mark Tate, shares his advice for getting the most out of a training session.

  1. Warm up - be on pool deck and ready to listen to the warm up instructions on time.
  2. The right equipment – ensure you have the right gear, remember to bring it to training and label it so it doesn’t get mixed up with others.
  3. Be mindful of squad etiquette – don’t stop others in the lane; if someone’s faster than you, go behind them, know how to read the clock, move out of the way of other people coming in to the wall, stick to speed – there’s no point going fast in a slow set.
  4. Make sure you are coachable – listen to and act on instruction, ask the right questions, do the right things.
  5. Race ready - work every start as if it’s a race start.
  6. Get everything you can out of the session - be satisfied with your effort once you hop out of the pool.
  7. Complete a cool down – this is an important part of the session.
  8. Track your progress - log your session afterwards.
  9. Gain knowledge from the experts – listen to your coach, trust the program, have open and honest communication and feedback.
  10. Contribute to the squad - by encouraging and modelling good, positive behaviours. Don’t be a distraction to others.